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Untimely Mediations



Proposed Reading Sequence


Week One

Sprague: The Older Sophists

Detienne: The Masters of Truth in Archaic Greece


Week Two

Plato: Protagoras

Plato: Phaedrus

Aristotle: On Sophistical Refutations

Waeger: Selections from Paideia I (Book II, chapters 3 & 5)

Waeger: Selections from Paideia III (Chapter 3)

Aristophanes: The Clouds


Week Three

Isocrates: Selections from Isocrates I (Antidosis, Against the Sophists, On the Team of Horses, Nicocles, To Nicocles, Encomium of Helen)

Waeger: Selections from Paideia III (Chapters 2-6)


Week Four

Hegel: Selections from Lessons on the Philosophy of History I

Marx: Selections from Writings of the Young Marx

Foucault: Fearless Speech

Derrida: White Mythology


Week Five

Welch: Electric Rhetoric


Week Six

Stengers: The Invention of Modern Science


Week Seven

Deleuze: The Logic of Sense


Week Eight

Leroi-Gourhan: Gesture and Speech


Week Nine

*Steigler: Technics and Time I


Week Ten

*Nealon: Foucault Beyond Foucault

*Marx: Fragment on Machines


Week Eleven

*Galloway: Protocol


Week Twelve

*Zizek: The Plague of Fantasies


Week Thirteen

Bataille: Selections from Visions of Excess

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